Swift Air

EXPRESS-TIME BOND MAIL:- This service is provided. When there is a time sensitive envelope/packet to be delivered before a particular time, after a particular time or between the particular times on the very next business day. Such packets are booked any time during the day with an instruction to deliver on next working day, before, after or between particular times. An instruction is being sent to the self-delivery boy and the deliveries are done accordingly. It is useful service to deliver cargo arrival notices(Cans)Lab reports and bank documents etc.

URGENT MAIL:- There are situations when certain documents are required to be delivered immediately, such packets are booked at any point of time under this category, as and when we are called. The same are delivered within2-3 hours anywhere in Delhi and NCRs on the very same day.

FEED BACK fOR DELIVERIES:- We are providing 100 % delivery details for the documents / packets booked under any of the service categories, provided by us. The hard copies, where the consignee actually marking the signatures and Photographs are kept in our records for the next three months from the date of bookings & can be faxed/ sent thru e- mail to you at any point of time, as & when required. The hard copies for parcel deliveries are handed over to you with the bills (for corporate clients only).

In HOUSE TRACKING:- In the past ten years, with great amount of efforts, we have designed a software with the help of which we are able to provide the details of deliveries faster than any other local courier network. We can transfer the details of pick up & deliveries thru e- mail on a daily basis (for corporate clients only) to keep our clients updated with the details of pick up & delivery as well as non- delivery records.

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